Vehicle shopping in retirement

By: Auto Gallery of Winnipeg   |   28 Jan 2019

There is no better way to celebrate your retirement in style than by investing in a quality vehicle; however, for it to be everything you want and need it to be it is important to know which features and functions matter most. For best results, keep the following key elements firmly in mind.

Maximize visibility

The better you can see the road and all of those potential hazards the easier it’ll be to stay safe, so make sure that whatever vehicle you choose makes it easy for the driver to see in every direction. For example, models with higher set seating often provide a clearer view of the road; oversized side mirrors can reduce your blind spot considerably; while a Rear-view Camera will make any manoeuvre in reverse a whole lot safer. Vehicles with large and clear data display systems are also well worth prioritizing.

Cue the comfort

Aches and pains can become a little more common in your golden years, making it vital that your vehicle is designed to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Features such as heated seats, soft-touch materials, and Illuminated Entry can make a huge difference, while multi-zone Climate Control systems provide a great way to ensure that everyone on board is always 100% comfortable.

Choose user-friendly

Your hands and fingers may not be as dexterous as they once were; therefore, make life a little easier on yourself by getting a vehicle with user-friendly controls. A Proximity Key Entry system will mean no more fumbling for your keys to get inside; a Push Button Start makes hitting the road faster and easier; while larger dials and knobs make controlling those many features and functions simpler. Be sure to ask about Satellite-linked Navigation too, as this’ll make finding even the most hidden destination a stress-free experience.

Safety first, second, and third

Nothing matters more than keeping you and your loved one safe; therefore, make sure that any vehicle you consider is designed to protect you from every angle. A suite of strategically positioned airbags is an absolute must; Traction Control and Ant-lock Braking can make a world of difference; and if you’ll be driving little ones around, look for a vehicle that has Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) as well as rear door locks.

Keep it flexible

Your wants and needs can change on a day-to-day basis, making it vital that your vehicle is versatile. For example, Split-fold Rear Seats make it easy to adjust the space to fit whoever or whatever you want and need on board, while having pockets, pouches, and compartments in all the right places will make everything from short drives to longer road trips that much better. If you will be sharing the driving with someone else, ensure that it is fast and easy to adjust both the driver and passenger seats.

Here at Auto Gallery Winnipeg we make finding your perfect vehicle a stress-free experience, as not only do we offer a huge range of quality used vehicles, but our skilled and knowledgeable experts are second to none. Just give us a call, connect online, or stop by and see us in person here at 3777 Portage Ave Winnipeg today.


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