5 Vehicle upgrades worth investing in this fall

By: Auto Gallery of Winnipeg   |   24 Sep 2018

As sad as it may be to admit it, summer is over for another year and fall is upon us, which means that now is the time to ensure that your ride is ready for those colder and wetter conditions ahead. There is no better way to do so than by investing in an upgrade or two and here we will look at a few of the best vehicle upgrades to consider this fall.

  1. A new battery

Extreme temperatures can undermine a battery’s ability to hold a charge, leaving you vulnerable when you need it most, making it wise to have your battery tested before the weather turns ugly. If your vehicle’s battery is more than 5 years old, replace it now no matter what, as even high quality units won’t last forever and it simply isn’t worth taking the risk of being stranded by a dead battery in dangerously cold conditions.

  1. Better wipers

Your windshield wipers are important all year round, but never more so than in fall and winter, so if your wipers are old, bent, or otherwise less than amazing, now is the time to upgrade them. Even the highest quality wipers are relatively inexpensive, all are quick and easy to install, and they will make a massive difference to your ability to stay safe all winter long by providing a clear view of the road.

  1. A remote starter

Having the ability to start your vehicle from the comfort of your own home will fast become your new favourite thing to do, especially when it is brutally cold outside. With your remote starter, not only can you give your engine the time it needs to warm up without you having to sit in a freezing cold cabin waiting for it, but you can warm your vehicle to the ideal temperature in time for your arrival.

  1. A portable jump starter

It is all well and good to have a set of jumper cables on board but without another vehicle willing to help you won’t be going anywhere, so if you’d rather be a little more self-sufficient get yourself a portable jump starting pack. These clever devices are relatively small, can cost as little as $40, and are an absolute must for those who regularly drive early in the morning, late at night, or in areas with few other motorists around.

  1. A rearview camera

Driving visibility can be significantly reduced during fall and winter when blowing leaves, rain, and snow are common; however, with 360° vision in your vehicle (via a rearview camera) any and all hazards will be visible. Not only will this make every manoeuver safer, easier, and less stressful, but should you ever want to sell or trade-in your vehicle one day that camera will mean your ride is worth considerably more.

Finding your dream ride is easy here at Auto Gallery Winnipeg, as not only do we boast a huge range of quality used vehicles, but our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are always happy to help. Why not stop by and test drive something awesome today? You’ll find us here at 3777 Portage Ave Winnipeg.

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