Towing tips that every driver needs to know

By: Auto Gallery of Winnipeg   |   27 Aug 2018

Are you gearing up for a towing mission? If so, keep the following towing tips in mind, because they will make towing just about anything a whole lot safer, easier, and more enjoyable for all concerned.

Know your limits

Before you do anything else, find out what your vehicle was designed to handle by consulting your Vehicle Owner’s Manual. You will also need to know the capacity of your hitch, which will usually be stamped directly onto it. Whatever you do, stick within these limits; otherwise, you risk causing serious damage to your vehicle and will be putting you and everyone else on board in danger.

Seek balance

The more balanced your load is, the easier it will be to handle, and the best way to achieve optimal balance is to pack 60% of your load towards the front of your trailer and 40% towards the rear. It is also wise to pack the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on top, as this will help to prevent items from being damaged in transit.


Another important way to prevent your precious belongings from being damaged is to tie down absolutely anything that could potentially move around throughout the course of the trip. Aside from helping to prevent damage, keeping everything securely in place will ensure that the balance of your load isn’t shifting around every time you go around a corner or up and down a hill.

Practice your moves

Driving with a heavy load attached to the back of your vehicle can be challenging to say the least, making it smart to spend some time practicing your moves before you head off, especially if you are relatively new to towing. Simply head to a quiet and safe place in your local area and spend some time getting used to that heavy load, reduced visibility, and less responsive feel. Be sure to spend some time practicing your reverse parking skills as well, because doing so while towing certainly isn’t easy.

Time it right

Getting a heavy load from A to B safely will take a little longer than usual; after all, everything from speeding up and slowing down to taking corners will be considerably slower. For best results, allow plenty of time for getting where you need to go and try to time your trip to avoid heavy traffic, as this way you won’t feel pressured to drive faster than it is safe or wise for you to do so.

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