5 Easy ways to improve your driving this year

By: Auto Gallery of Winnipeg   |   14 Jun 2018

Regardless of how skilled, knowledgeable, or experienced a driver you may be, there is always room for improvement; after all, there is no such thing as being too safe or too in control of your vehicle when you are behind the wheel. Here we will look at some of the simplest, easiest, and most effective ways to improve your driving this year.

  1. Take a course

The best way to boost your driving skills in a hurry is by investing in professional education, such as a Defensive Driving Course, Winter Driving Training, or even just an introductory Towing Tips program. Apart from seriously improving your driving technique, you will learn a wide range of tricks and tips for dealing with emergency situations, not to mention that those pro-level skills you’ll get will boost your confidence dramatically.

  1. Work on your weaknesses

Whether your Achilles heel is driving at night, towing a trailer, reverse parking, or dealing with winter conditions, the best way to improve is by taking the time to practice. Simply find a well-lit parking lot or quiet street in your local area and practice those challenging maneuvers until you’ve got them mastered. If you find that you are still struggling even after multiple attempts, ask a friend or family member to ride along with you and offer some advice.

  1. Ditch the distractions

Distractions can undermine your driving skills in a hurry, so for the safety of everyone on board (not to mention all of those sharing the road with you) do something about them. If you can’t keep your eyes off your phone, turn it off and put it somewhere out of reach, or if it is your passengers who tend to cause the distraction, enforce a strict ‘no noise while driving’ rule. If you have a habit of getting carried away singing your favourite tunes or are regularly enraged by news reports, either turn them off or choose your channels a little more carefully.

  1. Invest in helpful tech

The right tech can significantly boost your driving abilities by highlighting bad habits, reinforcing good ones, and providing a few extra tools with which to navigate the road safely. For example, a rearview camera will make even the toughest parking maneuvers easy, while satellite-linked navigation will take the stress out of finding even the most hidden destinations. There is also a huge range of user-friendly driving apps now available that will track your driving performance and highlight how and where to make improvements.

  1. Upgrade your ride

It can be hard enough controlling your vehicle without dealing with safety concerns, reliability issues, or discomfort; therefore, if your vehicle is letting you down on one or more of these fronts consider upgrading it this year. For best results, invest in a vehicle that is comfortable, safe, and reliable; one with maximum visibility (i.e. large side mirrors, quality headlights, rearview camera, etc.), and ideally one that boasts a wide range of hands-free features.

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