Consignment Sales at Auto Gallery of Winnipeg

Consignment Sales at Auto Gallery of Winnipeg


What is consignment?

If you aren't familiar with consignment, we hope to answer your questions right here. Consignment is when you ask someone else to sell an item for you, in this case your used vehicle. You leave the work up to the dealership, and when your item is sold you receive the price received minus any costs involved. 

Why consignment? 

By using consignment it eliminates any hassles that come with selling your vehicle privately. The dealership will help you with determining the value of your vehicle, inspection of your vehicle, detailing your vehicle, and advertising your vehicle. They will handle the transaction by selling, negotiating, and filing all of the paperwork on your behalf. Dealerships also can finance the vehicle, offer extended warranty, and handle any shipping that the vehicle may require. 

Why choose Auto Gallery of Winnipeg?

Auto Gallery of Winnipeg is the highest volume pre-owned dealership in Manitoba. We have a data base of 14,000 customers, and have been in business for almost 15 years! We are a highly reputable dealer, and are registered with MUCDA, hold an A+ rating with the BBB, and have won 20 consumer based awards. 

We will list your vehicle on our website which is seen by over 10,000 people a month. As well as on Kijiji and Auto Trader.  Our sales professionals will book appointments to show your vehicle and get rid of all that extra time it would take you. We all know how valuable time is! We will also supply a complete vehicle history report, pictures of your vehicle and a detailed listing on our website. 

Let us do all the work for you! 


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